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Asheville is home. It always has been. I’ve lived there my whole life, until recently. I’m ready to come home, and visiting made me realize the beauty of AVL. It’s the Indie City, it’s the mountains, it’s the people playing live music, it’s the stores, it’s the homemade organic food, it’s the homeless people, it’s the potheads, it’s the lights at night, it’s the friendly folks, it’s the down-to-earth feel, it’s the graffiti, it’s the happiness, it’s what makes this my home. And until you visit, you won’t know what I mean. You won’t ever see such a remarkable place.

If you live in Asheville, lemme know. I want to talk to all of you amazing kids.

3 years ago | 02:13pm

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    I’m visiting soon! Haha. Sounds lovely.
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    I’ve been planning my move there for a year now.
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    Aint it tha truff
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    living 45ish minutes away is good too…but one day, I’ll stop visiting and just live there.
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